How i landed my favorite job

After college when I started my career, I started working for a small digital ad agency Obrotu, where I learnt a lot, my boss was very supportive, I worked there for almost 4 years but had to move on to further my career.

The next step for me was to get a job at a top ad agency. I applied here and there but as we all know, it’s hard to get your resume in front of the right people without “connections”.

So in order to bypass this and get a job at a top ad agency in my field, I shortlisted the agencies I wanted to work for, mainly Ogilvy, BBDO, Leo Burnett, Red, Bramerz and made a self-promoting ad.

My Facebook Canvas Ad

I created a Facebook canvas ad for myself with very straight forward creative detailing, as shown in the screenshot below. “Why you should hire me.”

This was followed by a number of reasons why I would be essential to the team. One of the reasons listed was “I can make ads like this appear on any CEO’s newsfeed.”  This canvas was then followed by my design portfolio.

To view my canvas, click this link from a mobile device.

The Micro-Targeting

The ability to advertise to a very small and specific group of people.

After completing the canvas ad I set the target audience for this ad to the employees of Ogilvy & Mather who live in Lahore, and ran the ad.

The Results

The very same day I received several comments, clicks, and likes on it. Someone even mentioned the CEO and GM of the company in the comments, that grabbed the attention of the Head of Digital who joined in and commented, asking me to send in my resume.

Later, I got a call for an interview with a Head of Design.

Behind the Scenes

Using the same strategy, I got interview calls from four out of the five agencies I had shortlisted.

With a total ad spend of 5.47 USD, I got 50+ clicks out of the 208 people who saw my advertisements.

I am now (at the time of writing) working for Ogilvy at their Lahore office in a design studio, looking forward to boost their digital game.

Imagine what you can do using geo-targeted and micro-targeted Facebook ads. You can even nano-target a specific person. If you are planning to use a similar strategy and need assistance of any sort, or if something similar worked for you, let me know.

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  1. Such an interesting and a motivational post, I want also to work for any web designing company I have been trying to get the best position for 2 years but so far I could not get my desired position. But after reading this I feel comfortable myself and I hope, it exists.

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